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Mets re-branding/logo refresh... is it time?

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    Don't kill me but I will go out on a limb here and actually say I think the "skyline" logo does look too busy. Too many elements crammed into a small circle. I am speaking purely from a design/aesthetics standpoint and not from a sentimental point of view.

    I understand the meaning behind the skyline and the bridge... but I wouldn't mind if they kept the same concept but refresh the look so it's a bit simpler with a cleaner, less busy look. I love the Mets, but I am also a graphic designer and an art director and I honestly don't like that skyline logo (again, this is from a design/aesthetics pov, not sentimental pov).


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      Originally posted by Bruce Boisclair View Post
      I'm all for re-branding. As in, this should be their only logo:

      And this should be their only home uniform:

      No name, no drop shadow and stirrups, as well!

      And this should be their only road uniform:

      Name on back acceptable for the road.

      And this should be their only hat:

      And this should be their only dugout jacket:

      Back to basics!!! Traditional ballpark, traditional uniform!

      And if it means anything while we're at it: Yankees! Get rid of those crappy dugout jackets with the new script and go back to the old script!
      AGREE 100% with above comments and examples. That is exactly what the Mets should look like.
      Also, no black whatsoever, dropcolors, or milkman unis. No names on back at all.
      And, who cares about the Yankees.


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