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    I like Halladay, I'd love to see him on the Mets, but I don't think he will be a Met. Some team is going to swoop in and sign him for some outragous amount, I have a feeling Roy could be the next Barry Zito. But, I said could, for future reference to someone who will someday dig up old threads and see this.


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      Originally posted by The Commissioner View Post
      I believe that Roy signed an extension and with the Jays through the 2010 season. The fans would go nuts if they traded him any time soon.
      Any more nutty than did the Twins fans when Santana was traded?

      Has anyone bothered to consult with any Blue Jays fans on this? I do believe that you and the other Admins here may need to dig a fairly wide moat (throw a few crocodiles in for good luck) if word got out that another team wanted their ace. If he were truly available (trade or free agency), the Mets would have to compete with offers from the Cubs, LA Dodgers, SF Giants, Red Sox and Yankees. The only advantage the Mets would have over the Red Sox and Yankees is that they're an NL team, whereas the other two are AL East teams, the Blue Jays' division.

      I believe that Mets fans should consider themselves very lucky to have gotten Johan Santana for merely a song.
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