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Our Mets Hall of Fame, election 23

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    I sometimes do sometimes don't vote for Swan becuase really all he has is 1978 and 1979. That's it. Ronnie and Sid were there from before 86 and stayed after 88. ERA title notwithstanding (which is Swannies main selling point and which keeps him out of the Roger Craig category) both were better. At any rate Bill Swift once led the NL in ERA so its not like its this super mark of greatness.


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      Originally posted by whoisonit View Post
      I am curious how one can vote for Darling and Fernandez but not Swan.

      Is it because they played on winning teams and won a ring ?

      Are there really Met fans that buy into the 'win method' ?
      And Terry Leach finished his Mets career with a better W-L% and ERA than any of them - and finished his career with more WS rings than any of them (he was a worthy contributor to the 1991 Twins). The only difference is that Leach never got a proper shot with the team - when he did he produced as well as any of them.

      And I agree with you about Swan; I support all of them for OMHOF. Next election please remember to vote for Leach: he deserves to be remembered.

      As for Schiraldi, It's a Hall of Fame and he's rightfully famous in Mets history. Sure he was trying to beat the Mets, but in a way there's something strangely Metslike about his fame lying in his failure to do so. If people can support Mays even though there's not much in his Mets career to warrant it, I'm not sure supporting Schiraldi stretches the boundaries much further.

      "The Fightin' Met With Two Heads" - Mike Tyson/Ray Knight!


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        Well, let's give warm welcomes to Darling, El Sid, and Dr. K (our sixth unanimous induction; that is, unless one discounts the fact that Seaver wasn't unanimous [for whatever reason]).

        Too bad Milner came so close yet so far. His highest percentage to date. I think we should push as hard as we can for his election before his eligibility runs out!

        Same goes for Swannie!
        Put it in the books.


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          Originally posted by Cowtipper View Post
          Please limit your ballot to a maximum of 15 names.

          This is the twenty-second election for Our Mets Hall of Fame. Last time, we elected Keith Hernandez and Darryl Strawberry.

          For the original rules and specifications for this Hall of Fame, see:

          New, additional rules:

          When voting, consider the player’s Mets career only. If you choose to vote “none of the above,” you must explain your decision or your vote will not count.

          It is not necessary that you explain your other votes, however it is still encouraged that you do so.


          New on the ballot:

          Billy Beane
          Bruce Berenyi
          John Christensen
          Sid Fernandez
          Wes Gardner
          John Gibbons
          Dwight Gooden
          Ross Jones
          Ray Knight
          Jerry Martin
          Kevin Mitchell
          Rafael Santana
          Calvin Schiraldi
          Dick Tidrow
          Herb Winningham

          Dropped from the last ballot:

          Mike Bishop
          Mike Bradley
          Mike Fitzgerald
          Brian Giles
          Tom Gorman
          Danny Heep
          Clint Hurdle
          Junior Ortiz
          Walt Terrell
          Mike Torrez

          Mets Hall of Fame:
          Player:          Times on ballot:          Induction percentage:           When inducted:
          Tommie Agee             2                           80.00                   8th election 
          Wally Backman           2                           85.71                   20th election
          Donn Clendenon          14                          85.71                   20th election
          Jerry Grote             1                           100.00                  5th election
          Bud Harrelson           1                           100.00                  4th election
          Keith Hernandez         1                           100.00                  22nd election
          Gil Hodges              1                           77.78                   1st election
          Ron Hunt                11                          77.78                   12th election
          Cleon Jones             1                           100.00                  2nd election
          Dave Kingman            2                           81.25                   15th election
          Jerry Koosman           1                           100.00                  6th election
          Ed Kranepool            1                           88.89                   1st election
          Skip Lockwood           7                           85.71                   20th election
          Jon Matlack             1                           81.82                   10th election
          Lee Mazzilli            1                           75.00                   15th election
          Tug McGraw              1                           90.00                   4th election
          Felix Millan            1                           77.78                   12th election
          Jesse Orosco            2                           77.78                   19th election
          Tom Seaver              1                           91.67                   6th election
          Rusty Staub             1                           85.71                   11th election
          John Stearns            3                           83.33                   16th election
          Darryl Strawberry       1                           90.00                   22nd election
          Ron Swoboda             10                          75.00                   13th election
          Mookie Wilson           1                           88.89                   19th election
          Manager:          Times on ballot:          Induction percentage:           When inducted:
          Gil Hodges               1                           90.00                   1st Mgr. election
          Davey Johnson            1                           100.00                  1st Mgr. election
          Bobby Valentine          2                           100.00                  2nd Mgr. election

          Player:          Times on ballot:          Previous percentage:          High percentage: 
          Neil Allen              5                       20.00                        28.57 
          Bob Bailor              3                       10.00                        14.29
          Hubie Brooks            4                       40.00                        57.14
          Ron Darling             1                       70.00                        70.00
          George Foster           2                       20.00                        20.00
          Ron Gardenhire          3                       10.00                        25.00
          Ed Glynn                5                       20.00                        28.57
          Terry Leach             3                       20.00                        28.57
          Willie Mays             12                      40.00                        62.50
          John Milner             13                      60.00                        62.50
          Jose Oquendo            1                       10.00                        10.00   
          Doug Sisk               2                       20.00                        20.00
          Craig Swan              11                      60.00                        71.43
          Tom Veryzer             2                       10.00                        12.50
          Joel Youngblood         7                       20.00                        57.14
          Holdovers dropped:
          Brian Giles...lack of support
          Tom Gorman...lack of support
          Walt Terrell...lack of support
          Last year of eligibility:
          Number of voters in each election:

          Election 1: 18
          Election 2: 8
          Election 3: 9
          Election 4: 10
          Election 5: 9
          Election 6: 12
          Election 7: 10
          Election 8: 10
          Election 9: 10
          Election 10: 11
          Election 11: 14
          Election 12: 9
          Election 13: 8
          Election 14: 15
          Election 15: 16
          Election 16: 12
          Election 17: 14
          Election 18: 18
          Election 19: 9 (5 DQed)
          Election 20: 7
          Election 21: 8
          Election 22: 10

          Manager election 1: 10
          Manager election 2: 11
          Manager election 3: 8
          how about Al Schmelz, Brian Ostrosser and Dave Schneck?


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