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Did Jerry Manuel 'Throw' Saturday's Game?

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    Originally posted by Strawman View Post

    And yeah, I was at Saturday's game with my kid...

    Sorry to hear that....................


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      Originally posted by Strawman View Post
      That's just crazy - recent to this game?
      No. Managers do do it and it does make sense.

      Check out this game from 2007. The only everyday player who started was Delgado who was awful at that time.
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        Regardless of what Manuel's motives were, I hope the Mets get rid of him. I don't really care for his style of managing.

        On another note, what will be Bobby Valentine's future?

        Los Angeles Times........"Bobby Valentine has priced himself out of Japan"

        Bobby Valentine, exiled ex-manager of the New York Mets and now the respected manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines, might be headed out of Japanese baseball and back to the United States, according to the Los Angeles Times.

        And success, or failure, has nothing to do with it. Valentine, who makes $3.9 million a year, might have priced himself out of the market.

        According to the Times, Marines management told Valentine during the winter that the club would not be able to afford him after the 2009 season, regardless of how many games his team wins. This has led to uncharacteristic fan protests at Marines games and a keep-Bobby petition with more than 50,000 signatures.

        After one recent game, about 150 fans remained in the right-field bleachers, standing in silence, with banners raised over their heads. The signs, some as wide as 70 feet, carried such messages as, "We would rather fight with Bobby, who says we're the world's best fans, than with a front office who calls us worthless."

        Another sign read, "Bobby stands behind us. We stand behind Bobby."

        Source: Los Angeles Times


        Hopefully, Bobby Valentine will return!
        Let's Go Mets!
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          Originally posted by Let's Go Mets! View Post
          Regardless of what Manuel's motives were, I hope the Mets get rid of him. I don't really care for his style of managing.
          Well, the Mets' next West Cost trip isn't until August... :ooo:
          What's THAT guy doing?
          - one of the YES Network broadcasters, after the camera cut to me doing the thumbs-down after Todd Frazier's home run


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            Originally posted by areezee View Post
            Sorry to hear that....................
            Yeah, we spent double what we'd normally spend for food - since it was clear the Mets were officially ceding the game to a division rival. The burgers and shakes were great - management's loyalty to its fan base, on the other hand? Disgusting.
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