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Reyes has hammy tear

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    I don't think Ibanez or Hudson would have an effect on the current situation in that to date Sheff and Castillo have been plusses. Though I think I may have asked about Hudson as well and Ibanez seems OK. 1B (unless Murphy starts hitting like he did in April), SS and RF are the issues along with a rotation that is not awe inspiring beyond Johan (though that describes at least 20 other teams).


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      NY Post reporting Reyes will be out for a "few" weeks (4-6) and that Putz likely to need surgery that will sideline him for up to 2 mos. (I guess the battle of titans will have to be postponed).


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        Originally posted by EasilyFound View Post
        If your comment was directed to me, I don't have a suggestion. I was just trying to point out that by obtaining Sabathia the Brewers could hardly be criticized for putting out "garbage" and calling it a major league team.

        I had some suggestions about what to do in the off season. Those included signing Orlando Hudson and Raul Ibaniez (sp?).
        If your comment was then directed at me, then you need to read a post completely through and perhaps try to understand where the poster was aiming his post at. When I stated that Milwaukee was one of the teams I listed, I meant it be that Milwaukee like the other teams I listed is in a small market, not putting out a garbage product. Yes they traded for Sabathia, but gave up a couple of big time prospects to get him. However since they are a small market did they retain Sabathia??? No they did not.
        LETS GO METS !!!


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          LOL. I actually thought I was agreeing with you and supporting your point, until I realized that your point was that those teams were from small markets, not necessarily that those teams put garbage on the field, even though you referred to putting garbage on the field immediately after referring to those teams.
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