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Potentially good news about Wilpon

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  • Potentially good news about Wilpon

    I saw this interesting article about Bernie Madoff's victims. Maybe this is good news:

    What's a victim in this situation to do? Rubinstein, who represents a number of Madoff clients, is telling them to engage in pre-bankruptcy planning.
    Oh please please please please please.... They say the devil you know is better than the devil you don't, but hey, a guy can dream, can't he? I wonder how much the Wilpons and the Mets really lost. I hope it all comes out, right down to the penny how much each of the victims lost. If "the people" convicted Madoff and sentenced him to 150 years in prison then "the people" deserve to know EXACTLY how much he stole and who he stole it from. Maybe we'll find out when the trustee finishes his work. That could be years away the way things are going.

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    I'm of the belief that Madoff's restitution should include selling the majority of his organs for cash, or maybe just giving them away perhaps to one of the number of charitable organizations he defrauded.
    "Nobody ever won a World Series drinking milk"
    -Doug Sisk, RP 1986 Mets


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