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    By the way, for some reason I'm reminded of the scene in Bull Durham when the skipper scares the crap out of the players in the shower with a bat tossing tirade.

    After watching this I think that it would be appropriate for the Mets. Maybe someone can send the clip to Tony B. and he can try it out when the Mets come home to Citi.
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      Originally posted by Ralph Zig Tyko
      For the umpteenth time in the past 47 years, I'm tempted to burn my Mets gear.
      The only thing stopping me is that I'm saving the last few sparks left in Mr. Blue Bic for 420 time. Heeeere, fellow Mets fans, we all need a "Hitsky for Shamsky." Don't Bogart, meat.
      I'm in. Any chance we can get a Disco Demolition night at Citifield where we can burn all our Mets stuff? Where are the Veecks these days? Maybe we can do it in the Shea parking lot.

      On another note, let the investigation begin:
      Sign Cespedes & Murphy


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        Originally posted by elancaster View Post

        What is all that cackling I hear coming from Philadelphia? Ah yes, their trolls.


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          Originally posted by tomzpc View Post
          This incident may be entirely blown out of proportion by Adam Rubin and the rest of the media.

          Here's some quotes from a B-Mets blog by a Binghamton sports writer who covers the team:

          Mako Oliveras(B-Mets manager):
          "I think it's been blown out of proportion. Tony was trying to pump the players up, he took his shirt off but he had a T-shirt on underneath. To me, he never threatened anybody or asked anybody to fight. Before he started the meeting, he took his shift off. I'm telling you, it's been blown out of proportion."
          "Tony cares. I'm not saying this because he brought me here. I'm a straight-forward person. Tony doesn't deserve what he's going through. I've seen managers, I've seen owners, I've seen GMs trying to get the best out of players. I've seen it a hundred times."

          Jose Coronado:
          "No, he didn't call me any names or ask me to fight."

          Josh Thole (Mets catching prospect and B-Mets leading hitter)
          "This has been taken way too far. It's uncalled for as far as you guys blowing this out of proportion, so I don't think there should be any more said about it."

          Of course, there have been other incidents with Bernazard and where's there's smoke there is usually fire. Still though. If these quotes are accurate and sincere then Rubin didn't do his job right.

          Right because Prospect trying to reach the majors are going to bad mouth a Mets VP?! How well do you think it would go over if he admits what happens? His teammates will think he's a snitch. And if the Wilpons protect Bernazard here, what happens to him next? He'll get buried.

          Same for the MGR of that team. Most likely it was Bernazard who gave him the job. And now he's going to repay him by confirming the tirade?

          I'm not saying I'm with Rubin 100%...but I'm just saying. Like you...I believe that where there's smoke....
          "After my fourth season I asked for $43,000 and General Manager Ed Barrow told me, 'Young man, do you realize Lou Gehrig, a 16-year-man, is playing for only $44,000?' I said, Mr. Barrow, there is only one answer to that - Mr. Gehrig is terribly underpaid."- Yankees outfielder Joe DiMaggio


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            Originally posted by TonyStarks View Post
            His teammates will think he's a snitch. And if the Wilpons protect Bernazard here, what happens to him next? He'll get buried.
            His teammates were obviously part of that b*t*chy tirade, and if they blackball Coronado for snitching, that's tantamount to backing Burn-the-tard. I'm sick and tired of seeing snitches tarred and feathered. How else do you expect to neuter an aggressive false macho brat, pray tell? Being so obedient only encourages this kind of bratty misbehavior which does a great job of demoralizing and destroying the team.

            I'll bet at least some of the abysmal results of the B-Mets and Bisons have to do with this, in addition to the rumor that scouts have been bullied into making bad draft decisions. If that retard is retained, I hope all players rise in unison and demand trades. Suspicion is that Santana and Beltran want out. The Wilpons need horribly humiliating actions in order to get it through their thick, blind skulls that this cancer, not Minaya, needs to made to leave with his tail between his legs.


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              Can him ASAP
              Lets go Mets!


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                Originally posted by NYMets523 View Post
                You really think going into a tirade, calling a player a [expletive], and challenging them to a fight is appropriate? That is completely unprofessional and inappropriate.
                I prefer our players to police themselves, however, we now have an entire organization of soft players so somebody has to give them a kick in the ass.


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                  i read this on mets blog:

                  "The Mets have announced Omar Minaya will hold a press conference with reporters today from Citi Field at 3:30 pm, which will air live on SNY."

                  Hmmm,i wonder if it's the firing of Tony B?


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                    Looks like he'll be getting fired today. later,tony b. you can play incredible hulk somewhere else.


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