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  • For those Mets fans that think AAA has a lot of help for the Mets...... Last night, Mets pitcher Aaron Laffey took a hint and retired after giving up 14 runs over three innings last night.

    Everybody has a bad outing now and then, but Aaron Laffey took things to a new level last night. In his second stint with the New York Mets, he gave up 14 runs while playing for the Las Vegas 51’s.
    How did he react? He quit. Just hours after the game, the 33 year old Laffey retired from the sport.

    Well losing 16-4 on 6/6 isn't too bad when a week earlier they lost 20-3. And despite playing in Vegas, the team BA is.261


    • New York Mets Top 10 Prospects Updated
      The Mets have the best, smartest fans in baseball.


      • Peter Alonso, playing in the AFL All Star game, hit a HR on the second pitch he saw. The first pitch was 103 mph. On MLB network. Van Wagenen is at the ballpark.


        • And a really good defensive play.


          • Originally posted by Mongoose View Post
            The Mets have drafted Jarred Kelenic with the sixth pick of the 2018 June draft. Here's a little about him:

            That is the 2nd thing I know about Waukesha now. The first was that is where Fonzie was going to spend Christmas in a Happy Days episode circa 1975 and now this kid.

            The bat is lightning quick.


            • 2019 Prospects: New York Mets Top 10 Prospects

              Andres Gimenez, SS
              Peter Alonso, 1B
              Ronny Mauricio, SS
              Shervyen Newton, IF
              Mark Vientos, 3B
              David Peterson, LHP
              Franklyn Kilome, RHP
              Thomas Szapucki, LHP
              Anthony Kay, LHP
              Simeon Woods Richardson, RHP
              The Mets have the best, smartest fans in baseball.


              • The looting of this team by the Wilpon and Katz families is most noticeable in the absence of top shelf Major League talent. But have you ever wondered why the Minors seem to underperform?

                Here's an unbelievable detail from Fangraphs' lastest 2019 Top 25 Mets Prospects list:

                Several league sources have told us that the Mets don’t scout beneath full-season ball, which is the opposite of what most others teams are doing as data comes to be a greater and greater part of the player evaluation process at the upper levels of the minors. The Mets haven’t acquired a player below full-season ball since Blake Taylor was the Player to be Named Later in the 2014 Ike Davis deal with Pittsburgh. As New York makes several trades, it appears they’ve mistakenly limited the talent pool from which they’re drawing by only caring about full-season prospects, something that the new regime has to live with this offseason, even if they desire to change it next year, because they simply lack reports on a lot of players.

                Looks like the Mets are running a skeleton scouting operation to go with their 3 man analytics team.

                "The Fightin' Met With Two Heads" - Mike Tyson/Ray Knight!


                • Vientos and Gimenez are in Keith Law’s top 100 prospects. SNY saying Gimenez almost ready now. Alonso on list as well but hopefully he’ll be on MLB team soon.


                  • Simeon Woods Richardson, pitching in spring training today, is he the first player born in the 00's to pitch/play in an MLB game or spring training game for the Mets? I assume so.


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