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Aldersons father was killed on Saturday.

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    Originally posted by Mr. Laser Beam View Post
    Even if it was an accident, it could still have been the driver's fault. Do we know WHY he hit Alderson's father? What made him do that? What caused the accident? We don't know that yet, do we? (Like I said, though, I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that Alderson sr. could have possibly done anything to cause this - he was after all a veteran of the Air Force and was in excellent physical condition. So he could not have just wandered out there.)

    Then again, the driver will have to live with that death on his conscience for the rest of his life. That, in itself, is some form of punishment...

    I still think he should be made to face Sandy and beg forgiveness, though. If Sandy chooses to forgive the driver, he has that right, of course. I confess I don't know if I could do the same if it had been my father who was killed.
    He was a veteran of the Air Force. So What? The man was in his 80's.

    Its amazing how you figured out the whole scene without being there or getting any really information from the news sources. You have no clue how fast the driver was going, or the situation of the accident.

    Then he should have to beg forgiveness in front of Alderson? I am sure the driver feels horrendous, and I am also sure if given the chance he would apologize to the Alderson family, not just Sandy.


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