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Santana Throws The First No-Hitter In Mets History!!!!!!

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    Unbelievable night for Mets fans. Still am in shock.


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      Originally posted by Chuck The Mets Fan! View Post
      My dad spoke to the baseball gods for this gem.
      If anyone was looking down on them it was Carter. The Mets had 8 runs and 8 hits and Johan had 8 k's.


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        Originally posted by Brooklyn View Post
        If anyone was looking down on them it was Carter. The Mets had 8 runs and 8 hits and Johan had 8 k's.
        Gary came in the shape of the fan wearing his shirt that got to celebrate with Mets on the infield. That fan probably didn't even realize what was going on.
        Fan of The NY Mets!


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          Maybe I am the only one, but I am going to say it: for me, some of the excitement of the no-hitter is dampened by the ump's bad call. It just is.


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            DAMNIT I MISSED IT!!!!
            I has two choices, see the Mets or see Radiohead (my favorite band). I went to see Radiohead instead. I was keeping track with the game but I didn't notice he was pitching for a no-hit bid until this morning.

            But still congrats Santana for making Mets history. "PUT IT IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!!!!"
            That awkward moment when you are off 1 dollar buying something


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              Today's cover
              Picture 1.png
              That awkward moment when you are off 1 dollar buying something


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                THE CURSE...

                1973 Nolan Ryan
                1973 Nolan Ryan
                1974 Nolan Ryan
                1975 Nolan Ryan
                1978 Tom Seaver
                1981 Nolan Ryan
                1986 Mike Scott
                1990 Nolan Ryan
                1991 Nolan Ryan
                1996 Dwight Gooden
                1999 David Cone
                2012 Phil Humber

                ... IS OVER!


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                  Just watched SNY encore, at least the last 2 1/2 innings. Very exciting.

                  I watched all 28 outs in a four minute highlight and he had batters fooled all night long. The K's and many pop ups and flairs. If he can stay healthy, he should be a productive pitcher even if he can't throw with as much heat as in the past. His ability to change speeds will make him very effective. Good to see Johan pitching well and glad he got the no-no.


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                    Dickey's got a no-hitter going now too!!!


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                      Originally posted by Cowtipper View Post
                      Dickey's got a no-hitter going now too!!!
                      Well it lasted three outs at least.


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                        Was watching on my phone last night (got to love mlbtv app!!). Congrats to the Mets and fans. Enjoy it!!
                        "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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                          And on the day after...

                          Dickey follows a No-No with a 7-hit, 9 K, Complete Game Shutout!

                          Back-to-Back CG shutouts for the first time since 2010--ALSO Santana and Dickey!

                          This is one HELL of a 1/2 punch in the rotation...nearly 1/3 of the way through the season...if the playoffs started today...

                          The NATIONALS (of all teams) would win the NL East...
                          The Mets and Marlins would BE IN THE PLAYOFFS and playing each other as the two NL Wild Cards...
                          The Yankees might be OUT the playoffs, they'd be tied with the Indians for the 2nd Wild Card pending a tiebreaker...
                          The Dodgers would have the Best Record in Baseball (go figure)...
                          And the Phillies, Braves, and Cardinals would ALL BE OUT!

                          Way to early to call it, obviously, FAR too early ("Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs...PLAYOFFS?!" ...Sorry, wrong sport) but still, the Mets are playing some VERY good baseball right now, and the whole feeling around the team's been slowly getting better--

                          It's SPIKED in the last 24 hours or so, I think, after those two starts, and given where they are in the standings.

                          And apparently they WILL get an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game, tomorrow vs. the Cards again, so they HAVEN'T been shut out of the National I get to see them again!

                          A great way to graduate (community) college, and transfer!

                          When I left high school...

                          THAT was the summer of '09, and the first game I can remember after leaving--

                          The Mets getting absolutely PUMMELED by the Dodgers as I got badly sunburned at the beach with friends...and the game after that--Ollie Perez was rocked and blown out of the ballpark...the Mets imploded the next few years, and those friends and I don't talk anymore.

                          The first two games after leaving Community College--

                          The No-Hitter and Dickey's CG Shutout--LET IT BE SIGN OF GOOD THINGS TO COME!!!

                          Let's Go Mets!
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                            Here's hoping the next no hitter doesn't take 8,020 games!
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                            unknown fan "good they got three men on base"
                            unknown brooklyn cabbie "which one?"


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                              Originally posted by theAmazingMet View Post
                              Here's hoping the next no hitter doesn't take 8,020 games!
                              I'm with you.

                              Funny you say that, though. The Phillies hold the record for the longest time between no-nos. From one in 1906 until their next in 1964. And, as a trivial tidbit, both final scores were 6-0. Either way, let's hope the Mets come nowhere close to that. I don't wanna wait until I'm 106 years old.
                              Put it in the books.


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                                Originally posted by milladrive View Post
                                Chalk? :noevil:
                                I am living in Texas but have been a Mets fan since childhood. What would you charge to send me a ccopy?
                                I am serious.

                                Unfortunately, I didn't record it. However, they'll be replaying it on SNY tomorrow at noon and then again at 7pm. I'll try to grab it and send you one. If by chance I don't get it, though, my gut says it'll be added to the 12-disc DVD 50th anniversary box scheduled for release in September.
                                What would you charge me to send a copy?


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