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  • 2012 Mets All-Stars

    With Johan's no-hitter, his ERA is lowered to 2.38 while his record jumps to 3-2. That got me thinking, which Mets do you think will be All-Stars this season? In my opinion, they've actually four players who should get some consideration: Johan (3-2, 2.38 ERA, , RA Dickey (7-1, 3.06 ERA), David Wright (.366, 5 HR, 30 RBI) and Daniel Murphy (.301, 20 R, 58 H).

    What do you think?

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    I think Johan may have just punched his ticket, assuming he doesn't totally implode.

    And Dickey's been good too, he's got a shot...

    And Wright--

    I'm guessing Wright and Johan/Dickey, it'll be great if both get to go...Murphy doesn't have the big name/glove for it yet, but we may hope.
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      I think you've nailed it, Cowtipper. ...although Shea Knight may have a point regarding Murph.
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        Definitely Wright. If they both keep it up it would be a crime to keep Dickey and Santana off the squad. Murphy is a longshot at best. I would be floored if they took him. If the Mets continue to play contending ball I could see three all stars for us.
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          I don't follow the voting but in a logical world Wright is voted in as the starting 3B. Dickey is 8-1 with a low ERA and tons of Ks so he should be in. I would be very surprised if Johan goes in with a 2-2 record, not that he isn't better than just about anyone in the league this year, but we all know how it works. Murphy, as said above, just ain't ever going in playing 2B with no great glove, speed or HRs. He would need to be leading the league in batting.


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