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    Originally posted by Ben Grimm View Post
    Sorry guys. I didn't mean to start a fight about Tejada. I was simply stating... as an outsider, that he simply doesn't lend much to make me think he'll prosper much more than a utility player at his current rates. If he changes that next year, then I'll be on board. But from the samples I have, he's simply a rather ordinary player that coulld be easily replaced if he keeps going with the flow.
    I agree and I like Ruben too - but he's no Reyes.

    Milla, I'll give you Elster, Maz and Foster being less important to their team - but Teufel....he's about on the Tejada level in terms of importance, at least in the same ballpark. I just think you're way overrating "young Ruben" as Hernandez likes to say...
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