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  • Originally posted by brooklynboy View Post

    It's a shame...You can't fire 25 guys, so you fire the manager..Interesting philosophy..
    It happens in a lot of fields. My wife used to work for a large company where she had a boss who sucked at his job. Rather than fire the boss who sucked at the job, his boss, who had hired him, decided to "embarrass him" by laying off his entire department of over 1500 employees and moving her former boss into another department.

    The difference is baseball players have a very strong union.


    • Originally posted by Paulypal View Post

      I agree. We can always question what the manager does and I think there are people that know enough about the intricacies of baseball to question what they see.

      With that said there are plenty of times we don't know what the inside scoop is. Maybe we don't know that Pitcher X isn't available today, its not made public.

      I hear on the radio fans calling up criticizing both Collins and Girardi, but only when they lose a game via the bullpen. Then you get "why did he pull the starter to soon"? Why did he use Pitcher X when he could have used Pitcher Y"?

      They never call to complain when the team wins. Its always when a player fails to perform and sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the opposition for being better than you that day. It happens.

      Sometimes they push the right buttons, sometimes they don't. We don't know which were which until the game is over. If we knew before hand - not much point in playing the games I guess.

      By the way - I think the Mets and Yanks have had good managers in place at the same time for the last 8-9 years now. Not necessarily good players to perform.
      It is really unfair to criticize someone for making a decision when you will never know all the factors that went into making that decision. Fans do it all the time in baseball. Understandable yes, a smart thing to do? To each his own.


      • Originally posted by rjsallstars View Post

        It is really unfair to criticize someone for making a decision when you will never know all the factors that went into making that decision. Fans do it all the time in baseball. Understandable yes, a smart thing to do? To each his own.

        Like many other people I have played ball on some level my whole life.

        Sometimes the other guy is better than you on a particular day......sometimes its a lot of days. Nobody ever takes that into consideration.....EVER.

        They blame the loser of the confrontation but never tip their cap to the winner and just say "well today he was better". People love to blame -- they love to figure out who's fault it was...who can we crucify for losing.

        How may times do you see a pitcher make a good pitch but the batter protects and slaps one the other one or bloops one in on a good pitch? It happens a lot. The pitcher takes the loss and the manager gets blamed. When I watch a game unfold and then read about it the next day or read somethings on the internet I think I watched a different game sometimes.


        Game 1 of the 2015 World Series I blame Familia. Why? He tried to quick pitch Gordon which he doesn't have to do - so he rushes his delivery which takes something off the pitch. I blame him because he didn't get beat with his best. Same thing with Harvey in Game 5 walking the leadoff hitter with a slider. Not his best.

        Game 7 2001 World Series 9th inning- Mariano broke almost every bat in the inning but blew the save and the series. Luis Gonzalez bat was splinters and yet he is credited with being a WS hero. Funny game.

        Ok want a Met example where it isn't his fault. This is for the older guys -- 1987 Mets - Cardinals in September. Mcdowell vs. Pendelton. Mcdowell throws a sinker that almost bounced...Pendleton hits a ball 3 inches off the ground OUT to dead center. I still remember watching Mookie go back on that ball.

        As I have said .. Nothing in my Met fan history punched me in the stomach like that Pendleton homer.

        Point is its not always the pitcher/players fault, and very very very very rarely the managers. Sometimes the other guy is better.


        • Like a lot of managers, Terry has good and bad aspects. He's done a pretty good job considering that, when he was hired, the team was basically a bunch of AAAA players with a few exceptions (Wright, Beltran, Murphy was an everyday guy, but not anywhere like he is now, Duda was fumbling around left, Ike was the first baseman, etc.). The rotation was just as bad, and K-Rod was a heart attack closer.

          If you don't believe me, go look at the 2011/12/13 team. Most of those guys were 2 WAR or less players; Josh Thole was the everyday catcher!

          That's not to say that Terry doesn't do things wrong. His bullpen management is questionable and he often overuses guys (Henderson, Salas, Byrdak). He often lets rookies, who should be playing, sit for the sake of letting washed up veterans play. De Aza and Chris Young took a ton of time away from Lagares. Flores has been shafted by the fact he doesn't really have a position, and they'd rather let Cabrera play, when he can neither field, run, nor hit.

          Some of the things we blame him for are out of his control. He has little say over the roster, for example. The incompetence of the training staff is not his fault.


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