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Aramis in Philly in 07'?

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  • Aramis in Philly in 07'?

    Ok, the Phils need a thirdbaseman, thats evident, what do we think about Aramis Ramirez, plays alright defense, and hits for power, could be that right handed powerbat to protect Ryan Howard next season in the lineup? He can also chose to opt out of his contract this season thus making him a F.A. Phils fans thoughts?

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    Not a bad thought. Gets on base and has some pop.. Has cut down on his strikeouts over the past couple of seasons too. Not a threat on the base paths, but hopefully we got enough speed elsewhere that we dont need to worry about that. Only prob is he's making $11 million this year and his next contract would probably put him up into Bobby Abreu territory.
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      Actually, he's one of the upper echelon 3B's. Don't know if that's where the Phils are gonna throw their money (although it probably should be).


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        That would be a smart move to be honest. Pitching is still important, and Howard is doing a great job lifting the offense, but put A-Ram in there and you could have something. Consider the ballpark factors, too...Wrigley is more like a neutral balpark while Citizen's Bank is a hitter's ballpark. I'd think he would like to come to Philly.
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          Wrigley is a hitter's ballpark too...Anyway, A-Ram in that lineup is scary.

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            I know....I am good arent I hahahaha


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