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Phillies, why must you play with our hearts?

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  • Phillies, why must you play with our hearts?

    A loss to the Nationals! What is that?! Great job Geary. Biggest Tease in the league, year after year, and to think, it looked like they really were going to make the playoffs.

    Yes, I know there is still some five games, I may be killing the our Phils before they are actually done but, how can you not think that this team is gonna miss the playoffs, they shouldnt be lossing to the nationals, the worst team in the NL East and one of the bottom five in the NL all together. C'mon guys, get your act together....lets try scoring some runs with runners in scoring position.

    I think Rick White needs to stick to calling people after homeruns, not pitching, Geary, I stuck up for him yesterday, but not today, cmon man, you should be pissed at yourself even more now.

    Randy Wolf! Youre a joke! Great pitcher you are, five innings, that doesnt get it done, wiat, isnt this your contract year, o yeah, thats right, it is, why dont you pitch like it buddy.

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    Come on guys, why must you do this too us?


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      Gordon throw a damn strike!


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        You MUST be a new Philly Phan

        We are used to used to it

        Guys who couldn't take it became Yankee


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          O no, im not a new Phillies fan at all, have been a fan my whole life, its just for some reason I let myself get caught up in the hype every season, I thought I had put something in the first post about every year its the same thing, but I guess not, o well, and every season am Disappointed, but hey, I couldnt like any other team in baseball as much as I love these guys.

          One thing is for sure, I've stuck up for Pat Burrell up until the past two games, Pat you gotta show me somethin man. But HEY! Conine looked great last night didnt he? (rolls eyes)
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            Well, its a tough row to hoe right now....and, God, please spare us from watching Phil Garner , Clemens and the astros again.....
            whats got into the Dodgers and Padres lately???

            Great Ball Teams: Tigers '68, Phils '80, Tigers '84


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