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Phillies filling their needs from overseas?

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  • Phillies filling their needs from overseas?

    Phils, others interested in Iwamura
    Nov 2 - According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Phillies have considerable interest in third baseman Akinori Iwamura, whose team -- the Yakult Swallows -- is expected to post him.

    Iwamura, 27, is a left-handed hitter who batted .311 with 32 home runs, 77 RBI and a .389 OBP in 2006. Along with the Phillies, other teams expected to bid for Iwamura are the Indians, Red Sox and Padres.

    His numbers arent too bad at all, he's 27, around the same age as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, could fill the void at third. I dont know much about him. Only problem being that its another lefty in the lineup.

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    Haven't gotten to his 2006 stats yet, but at a quick glance, they look a lot like 2005's. You can see his Japanese data here: Akinori Iwamura I've done a translation of his data of 2001-2005 to major league equivalents here: Major league equivalents of Akinori Iwamura

    Better than David Bell, to be sure.

    Jim Albright
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      Great stuff Jalbright...certainly better than Nunez, Bell too, even though bell was my boy. I even think, by those numbers he's better than Polanco was during his short stint in the city of brotherly love.


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        This will remind me of the signing of Tadahito Taguchi to the White Sox in some ways if this happens.
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          well if the phillies get him in soriano...they might get my opening-day vote to make the playoffs for the first time since i've followed baseball.

          and isn't that what really matters?
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