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The More Things Change...

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  • The More Things Change...

    ...the more they stay the same...

    From Yahoo Sports:

    According to the report, the Phillies will try to solve their third-base problem next season by bringing back Abraham Nunez (who pretty much was the problem in 2006, hitting .211 with a pitcher-like .576 OPS), and then attempting to sign either Mark DeRosa or Wes Helms to share time with Nunez. They'll therefore pass on Iwamura, 27, who only hit .311 in 2006 and has hit 106 homers over the past three seasons with the Yakult Swallows in Japan. The Padres and Indians still appear likely to bid on Iwamura, and the Red Sox are reportedly interested as well. Yakult has already announced they'll accept the high bid for Iwamura, regardless of the amount.

    Clearly they don't plan on going after Ramirez either. Well, I guess they can just pocket the $40M...

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    And I though Ed Wade was gone.......h That's stand Pat for ya.


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      I hope Nunez losses a few pounds, maybe then he'll be batting his weight. I guess Gillick has something "up his sleeve" to solve all our problems....or not. Mark Derosa and Wes Helms???? Garbage.


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        Wes Helms is garbage, but DeRosa is serviceable.


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          I think you will find that whoever signs Iwamura will be wondering where the power went.

          I wonder why they are aren't looking at Aramis Ramirez?
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