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  • Projected Phillies lineup....

    What do you guys see the Phillies lineup this season looking like? Or what do you think it should look like?

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    What it most likely will be....

    Pitcher....although Charlie might mix up those last bunch of guys

    How I think it should look....

    Victorino....quick guy...can get on base...hit's well.
    Nunez...c'mon give the guy a shot from the number two slot, he can play defense, I'd like to see if he can get his act together at bat.
    Utley...we all know what he can do
    Rollins.....showed he can hit for some power, and let's face it, Burrell wasnt doing much for Howard in that spot.
    Burrell.....I'd like to see how he does in the sixth spot, without the huge pressure of protecting Howard.
    Rowand....not a guy who hits for the power he used to in chicago, but I think he would be his usual self batting seventh.
    Ruiz.....he's young...let him play, see if he's going to be your catcher for years to come or not.
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      I really disagree with your lineup.

      1. Nunez won't even be starting. I don't really understand how you can even think about putting Nunez anywhere other than the 8th spot, let alone batting 2nd! He is an offensive killer and your reasoning of "c'mon give the guy a shot" isn't good enough to warrant that. Granted, he is a very good defensive third baseman and will probally be used in the later innigns of games.

      2. In no way, shape, or form should Rollins be protecting Howard becuase it will only create problems. Sure, you take the pressure off Burrell, but you also are going to change Rollins approach at the plate. You completely take away his speed if he is batting behind Howard and wasting all the runs he scores.

      3. You need Burrell to hit behind Howard. I really can't stand Burrell, but that is the Phillies best option at this point. Despite the criticism, he does hit for power, walk, and drives in runs.

      I do agree that Rowand and Ruiz should be down in the lineup. I wouldn't actually mind trading Rowand because he strikesout way too much and the Phillies already have enough K's in their lineup. I also think people overrate him defensively. Here is my projected lineup:

      1. Victorino
      2. Rollins
      3. Utley
      4. Howard
      5. Burrell
      6. Rowand
      7. Helms
      8. Catcher


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        I figure with this's worth a shot.....why not try Jimmy behind Howard for a couple, I'm not saying the whole season, but a couple of games. He swung for the fences last season, his average was down, OBP was still up to Jimmy Rollins standards, homeruns up, more than doubled (25), RBI up also, maybe not this this year...but perhaps next season, if Jimmy can keep hitting for the power he showed last season, he would be a bigger possibility to protect Howard.

        Now for Nunez...last season, it was really the second half that bogged down his stats last year....first half of the season his OBP was a dismal .168, compared to his second half OBP of .359. Last season we really never got to see Nunez bat second, but in the two games he did, he managed four hits in ten at bats....not too bad, but unfortunantly not enough to sway any argument. In an attempt to salavage an argument that lacks any significant amount of statistical evidence, I'll bring in his last season with the cardinals the two hole Nunez batted .352 with an OBP of .409. Great stats, but once again he lacks a significant amount of games from that hole, only 26. Nunez recorded 37 hits when batting second, with 119 AB's, compare that to the spot he hit out of the most, 7th, in 175 AB's, Nunez recorded only six more hits. Now, I know these stats are in no way shape or form rock solid support to advocate Nunez for the second spot, but IMO it's worth a shot...perhaps in only a couple of games at first, like the aformentioned Rollins situation, and if he does hit from the two, perhaps leave him in there. (This of course only being contingent on Rollins batting 5th..see above for that scenario, remember this is what I think the lineup would do well as, it is in no way shape or form what the lineup will look like or something I'm not open to discussion on, obviously by this post I'm up for talking about lineups.)

        Looking at your lineup, Rollins from the two might not be a bad idea either, we both seem to think that Victorino is the leadoff hitter for this team, now to see if Uncle Charlie beleives the same.


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          Victorino is a stud and my favorite player on the team. I honestly believe he has all-star potential.

          I do see what you are saying with putting Nunez in the two hole. However, other than two years ago with the Cards (when he hit .285), he has never been an offensive player. I think the team would be best by starting Helms at 3rd and then putting Nunez in during the late innings of a game for defensive purposes. If this isn't working, I still really don't see the reasoning of batting Nunez 2nd becuase there really isnt the need to bat him early in the lineup.

          I don't like Rollins batting leadoff either becuase he just isn't a leadoff hitter. However, I think the biggest offensive problem this team will have will be protection for Howard. I am/was an Abreu fan and think he added so much to this team offensively.


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            Yes it was clearly evident last season that protecting Howard was the problem, especially down the stretch. I'm not sure what's going to be in the free agent market next year as far as right handed bats, but I figure unless Burrell steps up, or someone else and shows they can protect Howard the Phils may have to wait until the offseason to grab someone to help out Ryan. A mid-season trade wouldnt be entirely out of the question but there really is no young-standout talent down on the farm that might lure a struggling club into trading a bigger right handed bat, and of course Burrell would have to be part of said deal, at least in mine and Pat Gillick's eyes. So the offseason it is I suppose.

            Back to Abreu for a second, I really wasnt a fan of Abreu in the field but he could hit, I think he would have been great as a leadoff guy, too bad he didnt see himself that way.


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              Why not try Burrell at the bottom? He can't hit worth a darn with runners on base.


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                Because the Phillies dont have anyone to protect Howard, and right now Burrell is the best they have, unless some righty steps up this season and shows that he can hit and protect Howard.


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