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Phillies' Ticket Prices for 2006

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  • Phillies' Ticket Prices for 2006

    The Phillies apparently will have a dynamic pricing system for the 2006 season. If I understand what they are doing, the prices will start low, increase in the middle of the season, then drop towards the end. Apparently, the team realizes that the Phillies will be out of contention at the end and hopes lower prices will motivate people to attend. I am also guessing that the team suspects that this off-season has made it clear that the team will not be contending and that lower prices at the beginning may get people into the ballpark.

    Is this scheme the one the Phillies will be following? Does this rationale explain what this team is doing?

    If so, then clearly the actual players hardly matter to this organization. In fact, the game hardly matters. What the Phillies should do is find out what its employees can do best and charge admission for that. For example, Charlie Manuel is probably worth the price of admission when he is wrestling. I suspect he can also deliver an interesting monologue; members of his audience could be invited to guess what he means, and the one who comes closest could be given a free sandwich in one of the fabulous CB Park eateries.

    Pitcher Brett Meyers would be competitive in Wing-Bowl type eating contests. Thomas Whatshisname would make an excellent performer in slapstick comedy, particularly in the pie-throwing scenes. Mike Lieberthal would be superb as a still-life model for a sculptor, who would never have to tell him not to move. Bobby Abreu, who has always been a study in slow motion when pursuing a fly ball, would eliminate the need to have cameras with that feature. Jason Michaels could participate in beer-drinking contests followed by ultimate fighting bouts with cops in a CB Park ring. Pat Burrell could demonstrate his skills in juggling 10 women simultaneously. Bill Giles could do his fabulous Dave Thomas imitation. Dave Montgomery could demonstrate how to diaper a baby, using Pat Gillick (who is currently entering his second childhood) as the subject.

    In other words, the Phillies can make money honestly by giving up the pretense that they are in the baseball business and by allowing their employees to do what they can do best.
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    The Phillies are offering 5000 gameday tickets at "reduced pricing" so I guess they're conceding 405,000 seats are already empty for the 2006 season.
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