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    I've kind of been in my own little world up in Red Sox land, following mainly the Sox and the AL, but heck, you guys have one exciting team. Your middle-infielders have both had MVP quality seasons, Ryan Howard has been quite productive, Aaron Rowand is having probably his best season yet and is a highlight reel waiting to happen in centre and hey, even Pat Burrell is having one of his up years. Things seem to be clicking.
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    The Phillies are (far and away) the most exciting team to watch. These guys are so very "for real". I'm a Cubs fan, but the passion these Phils have, the chemistry, has me actually watching Phils games versus simply checking Cubs box scores with distant interest. Seriously. I hope the Phightin' Phils go all the way. No other team (in either league) has that kind of fire in their belly. Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are such a blast to watch. Shane Victorino and Pat the Bat. Man, the list goes on. Ron Darling said that if Pat Burrell played against the Mets every day he'd be in the hall of fame. The Phils were great fun to watch in that last series against the Mets, especially with the Extra Innings package where the games were presented in the SNY feed. Those poor commentators!

    Today is a decider. I hope the Phils can squeak in to the post season. Lets go Marlins!!
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