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  • Time to Celebrate But...

    Yes, it's certainly great that this blue collar team managed to come back down the stretch as the Mets imploded. It's great for the kids who've never seen a post-season game, and for the old timers who wanted one more shot.

    For those of us scarred by 1964, perhaps this, even more than 1980, acts as a bit of a cleanser since the Mets will now be known as the biggest chokes in MLB regular season hitory, ESPECIALLY the way they rolled over today.

    But, alas I do have two regrets. One is that the very owners and management that refused to step up (forever) especially as the many serious injuries piled up, all the while counting their money, get the bask in this glory. Yes, this team won DESPITE the front office!

    The other is that while I have no love lost for the Mets and their fans, and it certainly is pleasing at some level for their fans to have to endure what I did when I was a nine year old, I really wish this could have happened to the Cardinals, that tema with the fair weather fans who seem to always have fair weather days.

    All-in-all not much depth to my regrets, but it's what occurred to me as the game drew to an close.

    Yes, Mets fans, as miserable as you feel right now, many of us (in Philly) have felt that for the last 43 years. It will hurt for a long time. The big difference is that our inept organization let the pain linger for many, many years. You have had disproportionate success in the Mets' relatively short span of existence. Go forth and boo Santa tonight afther our Birds clock your Giants and then the negative spotlight can move out of Philly forever!

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    What do you mean, the owners didn't step up? We won!


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      Originally posted by Judway View Post
      What do you mean, the owners didn't step up? We won!
      Yea, the GM and ownership went out of their way to get some pitching for Uncle Charlie, didn't they? We won because Pat Burrell miraculously found his stroke; Kyle Kendrick appeared out of nowhere (and don't even try and tell me they knew what they had, because they didn't); JRoll took the team by the cruff of the neck and refused to roll (no pun intended) over; and the ragtag bullpen gave them some great efforts over the last couple weeks.

      Not to mention a MONUMENTAL collapse by the Mets. This team ,with a LITTLE effort and investment by management should not have been in the position they found themselves this season.

      Yes, they won DESPITE management best efforts to keep them down.

      Let's drink to that!


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