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Greatest Phillies Player Poll 2 TIEBREAKER

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  • Greatest Phillies Player Poll 2 TIEBREAKER

    We got a two-way tie for the #2 spot in the All-Time Greatest Phillie Player Poll.

    The poll thread shows Grover Cleveland Alexander with 5 votes and Steve Carlton with 4, but Philliesfiend, who's vote I want to count, picked Carlton, which would make it a tie. Future polls will be set for three days and the final tally when the poll closes will stand, but for this one time I will count the extra vote.

    So pick which great pitcher is to rank #2 on our greatest Phils list by voting, this tiebreaker poll will be open for just two days.
    Grover Cleveland Alexander
    Steve Carlton

    The poll is expired.

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    If we get a tie again, I'll suggest you list them as 2A and 2B, and the next person as #4. However, it's your project and you can do as you wish in that regard.
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      I hope a couple more people at least cast votes on this before it closes tonight.

      If they end up tied again, we will consider them tied for second and move on to the #4 spot.


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        And it looks like Old Pete edges out Lefty 4 votes to 2.

        This makes the All-Time Phillies Top 3

        1) Mike Schmidt
        2) Grover Cleveland Alexander
        3) Steve Carlton

        Next poll will select #4 on the list. Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, Chuck Klein, and Ed Delahanty could all get some support, this will start getting real interesting.


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