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Greatest Phillies Player Poll 5 - tiebreaker

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  • Greatest Phillies Player Poll 5 - tiebreaker

    Round 4 ended in our second tie. This time Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts each got 4 votes.

    This tiebreaker round will determine who is ranked #4 and who is ranked #5.

    The poll will be open for three days.

    So far, our list of the All-Time Greatest Phils is:

    1) Mike Schmidt (3B, 1972-1989)
    2) Grover Cleveland Alexander (SP, 1911-1917, 1930)
    3) Steve Carlton (SP, 1972-1986)
    4) Richie Ashburn or Robin Roberts
    5) ??

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Richie Ashburn
    Robin Roberts

    The poll is expired.

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    I voted for Roberts the last round, and I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with him, because I think that it's arguable that he should be as high as #2. If Carlton didn't tie Alexander in round 2, I would have been voting for Roberts for that 3 spot. Still, in respect to Richie Ashburn, I'm going to give the matchup some more thought before making my vote.


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      Gotta be Robbie!

      Ashburn may have been a fine centerfielder, but his hitting was strictly singles, and a singles hitter has to hit .270 or better even to rate a regular job, IMO. So Richie's "no-power" .300 really was not all that valuable to the Philly attack. And his record number of putouts was to a great extent due to the Phils' pitching staff generating a TON of flyballs rather than grounders.

      Without Del Ennis to bring him in to score, Richie would have been even less valuable. Del, Puddin' Head, and Andy Seminick were the Phillies' 1950s offense!


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        Richie Asburn for sure. He was more than a "single's hitter". He won two batting titles and finished second two other times. He led the NL in OBP four times, hits three times, triples once, SB once, People try to deigrade his fielding stats but Ashburn was a GREAT centerfielder regardless of his flyball pitching staff.

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          I like Roberts here.
          Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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            Originally posted by Honus Wagner Rules View Post
            Richie Asburn for sure. He was more than a "single's hitter.......
            Just visited the stats for Richie's playing career. National League totals 1948-1962 for extra base hits and total hits, and Richie's figures for that era.

            RESULTS: NL = 168,422 H, of which 119,217 were singles = .708 singles %
            Richie = 2,574 H, of which 2,119 were singles = .823 singles %

            The NL totals even include pitchers, who are not exactly extra-base-hit producers. Take them out, the NL singles % would probably drop into the .650 - .675 range.

            Do the math: Richie was a singles hitter. In his most "powerful" seasons, still about 77% of his hits were singles.
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              Looks like Roberts edged out Ashburn, 5-4, placing Robin at #4 on the list and Richie at #5. I'll set up the #6 poll in just a little bit.


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