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2019 Phillies season thread

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  • 2019 Phillies season thread

    We've had a good start to the season until game five. This is the place for posts about the season of the Phillies.
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    Off to a wonderful start with an exciting lineup. I wish them the very best this season. My favorite team in the National League. Actually saw more Phillies games at the stadiums through the years than any other major league team. Since 1955.
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    On October 8, 1956, in game 5 of the 1956 World Series, Don Larsen of the New York Yankees, threw a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers.


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      April 7: Phils top the Twins 2-1 on the strength of Rhys Hoskins 2-run homer in the sixth inning. It was one of those games where it was a shame that someone had to lose. The Twins' Jose Berrios had a shut out for the first five innings before yielding the game-winning home run to Hoskins. Berrios pitched a good game (2 ER in 6.0 innings), but the Phillies' Zach Eflin was just a little bit better today yielding just one run over 7 innings. Hector Neris got the save.
      The defensive highlight of the game was when Andrew McCutcheon fielded a base hit and threw out a Twins runner at the plate (McCutcheon to Realmuto).
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        The Phillies bullpen is proving too unreliable. David Robertson has got to stop being a part-time closer and go back to being an eighth inning guy. that's the role he has always flourished in. Pat Neshek is good for an occasional Cloe/Save, but he also is not a natural born Closer. Seanthony Dominguez seems to be regressing and he might even find himself demoted to AAA if this trend continues....and finaly Hector Neris' middle name is Inconsistency and he's not the man to fill the closer's job.
        SOLUTION: Back the Brinks truck up to his door and sign Craig Kimbrel....Whatever his salary demands are, he's probably worth it to a team that wants to contend for a division title and advance very far into the post-season this coming October!.


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          It's a little odd that during the first 2 1/2 weeks of the season, the Phillies have not used a single player who was making his major leagues debut.


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