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Ashburn Bio DVD Hits Store Shelves On April 22

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  • Ashburn Bio DVD Hits Store Shelves On April 22

    Following its theatrical release during the Philadelphia Film Festival On April 14, "Richie Ashburn - A Baseball Life" will be available to the public in home DVD format beginning April 22.
    The film is 90 minutes long, but the DVD will include a second DVD, with four hours of bonus material.
    For Ashburn's fans, espscially when you consider the scant amount of video that was previously available. the imminent release of five and a half hours worth of video material on #1 is mind-boggling!
    This project which was years in the making, should prove to be worth the wait.
    -phillies fiend 55-

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    Ashburn DVD Left Something To Be Desired

    Did anybody else buy the "Richie Ashburn - A Baseball Life" DVD and are they as disappointed with the way much of it turned out as I am.
    See my mini-review in the Baseball Fever "Baseball Arts & Literature" section. (review written/posted on 5/18/08 under the 'Ashburn Bio DVD Is In The Works' Thread).
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      Home Movies

      One of the most disappointing aspects of the DVD was that, recently some home movies Richie had taken were found and they were incorporated into the DVD. This fact was hyped for the imminent release of the DVD. This was to include some footage Ashburn had taken at the 1950 World Series. It turns out that this World Series footage was limited to a few swings in the batting cage taken by the Phillies opponents (Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio) and no game action.. Home movies of Spring Trainings and Richie's childhood were scant. In the end the filmmaker promised more than he delivered.

      Dennis Orlandini (phillies fiend 55).


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