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  • Rollins on the DL

    The Phillies are so saturated with stupidity that they can mess up something as simple as putting a player on the DL. Rollins' ankle is obviously a lot worse than the Phillies thought. He should have been placed on the DL 15 days ago. Now he will miss at least a month. If a person has an ankle sprain, isn't he supposed to rest and elevate the foot? How much resting and elevating did Jimmy do when Charlie had him pinch hit several times? Didn't Charlie, who knows hitting, notice that Jimmy could not put any weight on his injured ankle while he was swinging? Didn't Charlie notice that Jimmy did not exactly bust it running to first? As tbng noted so sagely, "There's not a darned thing wrong with Charlie," but there is certainly a lot wrong with Jimmy's ankle. Any guesses on when Jimmy will be able to return? Remember that sprains are worse than breaks, and high sprains are worse than sprains.

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    Rollins is probably out for 3 months. Then he'll come back for a game or two, tweak the ankle again and be done for the year. The Phillies will use that as an excuse to get rid of Rollins in a salary dump stating that he is injury prone.

    To ask Bat Manuel to recognize Rollins limping would be too much, even though 29 other managers could. My question is where was the medical staff? I didn't know Mark Andersen gets paid just to watch games from the dugout, I thought he was the trainer. Equal blame should go to the training staff, another group of incompetent imbeciles that should have been shown the door a decade ago.

    For what it's worth, Giles ventriloquist Ruben Amaro Jr. is putting the blame for this latest Phillies fiasco on the shoulders of J-Roll himself. "In retrospect, of course it was a mistake" to not immediately put him on the DL, Phillies assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "But you can only go on how the guy feels." Translation: "Don't blame Charlie or the trainers, blame that fool Rollins for wanting to play and not pulling a Danny Tartabull. We're the Philles! We don't accept competitors on this squad that want to win."


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      Jimmy Rollins Update

      I just saw Jimmy play last night for Clearwater Threshers. He went 0 for 3, but did get on base. Stole 2nd once and ran the bases well. He made a few nice plays at SS, showing some range. Was told this was a ONE game rehab. Jimmy stayed after the game to sign autographs to all that wanted them. A true classy guy to say the least. I will update tonight, if he is still here.


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        Jimmy Rollins Update II

        Went to the Clearwater game tonight. Jimmy was NOT there. We were told that Jimmy would be activated with Philly on Friday, playing the SF giants. He's officialy back!!!


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