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  • Manuel proudly wears the dunce cap

    Ok, in tonight's game, the Phils are nursing a 4-3 lead heading into the bottom of the 8th. Milwaukee's meat of the lineup, Braun, Fielder and Hart are due up. What do you do as the manager?

    A.) Start Durbin, the "savior" Seanez or Madson in the 8th to face Ryan Braun. Then, regardless of whether Braun is retired or not, bring in Romero to face Fielder for the lefty-lefty matchup.

    B.) Let the starter Hamels, with well over 100 pitches, start the inning. When Braun doubles, immediately summon Romero in from the pen to face Fielder.

    C.) Leave Hamels in the game after surrendering a leadoff double to Braun to face Fielder, who already homered off him in the 1st. After Fielder hits a two run HR, now bring in Durbin.

    Shockingly, our eminent skipper choose option C. Usually Charlie, an absolute master of handling a pitching staff, is quick to recognize when his starter begins to labor. It's just not Bat's nature to defy wisdom and common sense, which is why I am, and so other regulars on this forum, are so surprised. This is the first time that Charlie has cost us a game with a bad managerial decision since he was named the Phils manager. I hope the regulars here aren't too hard on Charlie and start demanding his dismissal since 29 other clubs would ignite a bidding war for Uncle Charlie's services.

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    Was pondering that myself last night, as it was happening. Hamels pitch count was 112 going into the eighth... what the hell was he thinking. The only rationalization was tehg pitcher's spot was due up, but he'd only used two pinch hitters by then, it should have been a non-issue. Protecting the lead should have been of paramoun importance - both Durbin and Romero were up and ready, so there's only one explanation.

    Bat's a dope
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      Impossible. According to tbng, "There's not a darned thing wrong with Manuel."


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