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My First Phillies' Game in 15 Years

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  • My First Phillies' Game in 15 Years

    Fifteen years ago, after I watched the Phillies defeat the Braves at the Vet and clinch the pennant, Bill Giles began making noises about not spending money in small-market Phildelphia. What followed was some of the most dismal baseball this beleaguered town had ever seen. I followed Giles' advice and stopped spending. Not a dime of mine went into the pockets of these wretched owners.

    Yesterday, though I went to the game and experienced the new ballpark for the first time, my streak continued. Not a sou did I spend. In fact the entire afternoon cost me 2 bucks, the price of public transportation from Paoli to Pattison Avenue. My Medicare card got me the roundtrip senior citizens' discount on SEPTA; the same card got me two free rides on the Broad Street subway, using the Suburban Station/City Hall connection. The game ticket was a freebie given to me by a generous old friend from Brooklyn, who now follows the fortunes of the Mets and teams like the Marlins that do not try to buy championships. And on the way home, I was able to slake my thirst when the Nestea Iced Tea people gave me a cold free iced tea.

    This type of behavior is not typical for me, but it seems to be the only way of dealing with owners whose primary goal is to turn a hefty profit while putting winning on the back burner.

    Wonderful game, wonderful ballpark, far too nice for these nasty, stupid owners. The ambience will probably make it impossible for these dastards to sell. And that means there will be no world championship for this generation of Phillie fans.
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    Donz, as someone who has not attended a Phils game since 1995, you stated that the ballpark is wonderful. Is the noxious odor of Giles not permeating it yet? Sadly, that odor was my lasting impression of the Vet.


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      Fortunately, the gales wafted the gilesessence over to New Jersey that day, but quite a few fans came prepared with nose clips and nostril numbingers. As you know, the stench can be overwhelming. They burn extra wood in the Bull Pit to protect Luzinski's customers.

      The other fundamental issue fans have to deal with, of course, is now known as Monty Dew, an equally offensive miasma of manure that eternally emanates from the owner's suite. A source told me in confidence that the carpets up there have to be changed weekly; in fact, they are now referred to as Dave's Diapers.
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