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Is Chris Coste the real deal?

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  • Is Chris Coste the real deal?

    I feel that it goes without saying that the Phillies desperately could use a good catcher. I cought my first glimpse of Chris Coste this spring, and he has put up some decent numbers. I just haven't seen enough of him, and I'm asking anyone here if they know that Chris Coste is the consistent offensive clutch hitter, the way Harry Calis & Chris Wheeler made him out to sound. Defensively he looks way better then Leiberthal (but who doesn't), as he essentally keeps the ball in front of his eyes at all time. I haven't had the pleasure of watching him attempt to throw runner out at second.

    But yea.. uh.. can anyone fill me in on this guy?
    Go Phils.

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    The 33 year old has been in the minors for his whole career. Has 82 career round trippers and 456 RBI's, 940 hits with a .309 average in the minors. Last year he had 20 home runs, 89 RBI, .292/.351/.466. Dont know his defensive stats though.
    go sox.



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      Oh boy, 33 years old. I did not know that. Thanks for filling me in.
      Go Phils.


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        Originally posted by Meej
        Oh boy, 33 years old. I did not know that. Thanks for filling me in.
        I'd take him over Lieberthal even if he were 43! He's done nothing but come through in the clutch all spring. Not that that translates to the season, but he's earned a spot on the club. Lieby is the fourth best catcher on the squad right now.


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