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The Early Days.

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    Cy Williams, Phillies- 1922


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      Art Fletcher, Philadelphia Phillies- 1911


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        Pat Moran, Philadelphia Phillies- 1909


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          Philadephia Phillies Catchers,Ed Burns and Bert Adams- 1916
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            Bill Duggleby, John Titus, Sherry Magee, Johnny Lush, Ernie Courtney, Phillies- 1906


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              Originally posted by ted_cogswell
              That is AMAZING stuff Jackie!

              Are those 1905 photos all at Recreation Park?

              A great many of the photos were taken at West Side Grounds, located in the Near West Side community area of Chicago, Illinois.


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                Originally posted by JACKIE42

                (William Bigham) Klondike Douglass, first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies- 1903
                This is a great picture of my Grandfather-know where I can get a copy or get others of him?
                Mike Douglass


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                  Originally posted by mdouglass
                  This is a great picture of my Grandfather-know where I can get a copy or get others of him?
                  Mike Douglass
                  Awesome Stuff.

                  You might want to try contacting the Chicago Tribune. I know most of these photographs were taken by a Chicagoan, but his name eludes me right now.

                  The Chicago Public Library's special collections is probably another place. Also, the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian might have them.
                  "I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it."
                  Carl Yastrzemski


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                    thanks for the help

                    thanks for the help I will check with these places. I did already check the library of congress and was able to get two wonderful pictures of him. But would love to find others.


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                      do a google search of the Spalding baseball guides


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                        Great pictures of our former Phils. Got any pictures of Billy Hamilton as a Phillie?


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                          Thanks, great photos.:gt


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                            Originally posted by JACKIE42 View Post

                            Chief Bender, Philadelphia Phillies- 1913
                            Wow, don't usually see too many pictures of Bender on the Phillies though this picture would have to be 1916-1917 as in 1913 he was still on the Athletics


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                              To mdouglass: Try This!

                              Originally posted by mdouglass View Post
                              This is a great picture of my Grandfather-know where I can get a copy or get others of him?
                              Mike Douglass
                              You might contact Mary Brace at:

                              Brace Photos
                              P.O. Box 41163
                              Chicago, IL 60641
                              (773) 227-5805

                              Her father (now deceased) was basically THE PHOTOGRAPHER for Major League Baseball for about 40 years. They bought out Mary's father's former boss and MLB photo business catalog so their collection now extends back top the 1880s or 1890s through about 1970 or even more recent times.

                              I don't know if their prices have changed or can't be certain that they are even still in business, but they were very helpful in building my photo collection between 2000 and 2005. They changed a few policies (ie: they have eliminated reproducing photos in their smallest sizes), and prices went up slightly but their Prices were reasonable and affordable to most folks.

                              You should have no trouble finding Klondike Douglass photos, since he was a fixture with the Phillies for several years. If the Braces are still in business they will have photos of even Klondike's most obscure teammates.



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                                A wonderful treasure trove!


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