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Best Phillies Seasons Ever, by position

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  • Best Phillies Seasons Ever, by position

    I can expound on these selections later, but in the interest of getting a discussion started, here goes:

    C: Darren Daulton - 1992
    1B: Ryan Howard - 2006
    2B: Chase Utley - 2007
    3B: Mike Schmidt - 1981
    SS: Jimmy Rollins - 2007
    RF: Chuck Klein - 1930
    CF: Richie Ashburn - 1958
    LF: Ed Delahanty - 1896

    RHP: Pete Alexander 1915
    LHP: Steve Carlton 1972
    RP: Tug McGraw 1980
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    Lenny Dykstra's 1993 season in CF was pretty salty, probably the greatest season by a lead off man in National League history.

    .302/.420./.482, 143 OPS+, 143 R, 19 HR, 82 RBI, 44 doubles, 194 H, 129 BB's, 37 SB

    Dykstra led the NL in hits, walks, and runs scored. He finished second to Barry Bonds in the MVP voting.

    Also Billy Hamilton's 1894 season is just video game-ish.

    .404/.523/.528, 155 OPS+, 192 runs, 220 hits, 98 SB, 126 BB
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      RP Brad Lidge 2008

      I know everybody loves Tug but Brad Lidge in 2008 seemed to drag the whole team with his arm to the championship.

      Am I missing something?
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        While it would be difficult to argue against Daulton's '93 season, Spud Davis' 1933 season behind the plate also deserves mention.


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