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Thank god they're hitting the road...

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  • Thank god they're hitting the road...

    ...I can't watch anymore of this crap at home. 1-8 on this home stand. That's just awful. They are now 2-11-1 in their 14 series at home. The only 2 series at home they've won were against the Nationals.

    I wish they had a 20 game road trip coming up instead of just 9.
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    Oh I know it's ridiculous how yall can't win on the road. It's going to be weird when Phillies fans root against the National League in the All-Star game so they can't have home field advantage if they make the playoffs. :twocents:
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      A lot has gone wrong (injuries/illness, bad play, bad calls, bad luck), yet they're still 2 up. We can be thankful the Mets haven't taken better advantage of the opportunity.
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