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An Underappreciated Chris Coste Is Claimed On waivers By Houston

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  • An Underappreciated Chris Coste Is Claimed On waivers By Houston

    To make room for Raul Ibanez coming off the disabled list on Friday July 10 someone had to go. I assumed that the Phils would send OF John Mayberry Jr. back to the minors but instead Chris Coste, the Phillies backup catcher was claimed off waivers by Houston. (by former Phillies General Manager Ed Wade). The Phils had been using three catchers at the major league level and Paul Bako ( previously the #3 catcher) was retained on the roster as was Mayberry Jr.
    At times I felt that Coste was underappreciated by the Phillies front office and that his roster spot was on somewhat shaky ground. Despite that, I feel that Coste was very beloved by a large number of Phillies fans. He did seem to fall into disfavor with a sector of Phils fans this year, however.
    To me he was a Gamer who always gave maximum effort, tough not blessed with the greatest natural skills in some areas. He busted his butt for four years in Philadelphia and he could be a great coach or manager some day.
    Above all he persevered through several years of Independent Leagues,
    non-affiliated clubs to become "The 33-year-old Rookie" *
    and a vital contributor to the Phillies' 2008 World's Champion team.
    Closte is now 36 and in his fourth major league season. He will backup all-time games at catcher record holder, Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez. That should prove to be a ery interesting combination. I hope Houston fans take to Coste the way the vast majority of Phillies fans did.

    Among players who were not retained as the Phillies began their defense of the World's title were Tom Gordon, Rudy Seanez, Adam Eaton, So Taguchi and of course, longtime Phillies star outfielder, Pat Burrell, who were not re-signed in the offseason and Kyle Kendrick, who was demoted and began this season in the minors. Coste is the first member of that 2008 champion team, however, to be let go mid-season.

    * Title of Chris Coste's 2008 autobigraphy.

    by Dennis Orlandini (philliesfiend55)
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    Lou Marson: A beneficiary of Coste's release.

    Another effect of Coste's release through waivers is that this really opens the door for Lou Marson in 2010. Paul Bako is the backup catcher for the time being but as soon as the Phillies feel Lou Marson is ready he will be coming up for good. Expect him to be on the Opening Day roster in 2010 and expect him to battle Carlos Ruiz for playing time and for the #1 job next year.


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      Personally I would have kept Coste and let Bako go. Coste is better at the plate, and was more of a utility guy than just a back up catcher. Although Coste had his difficulties hitting this year, I still was a big fan of his. I wish him nothing but the best in Houston and thank him for all he did for the Phils.
      Let's go Phillies!!


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        I read an excerpt from his auto, and it was very touching. It's shows you the struggle he had to go through to live his dream. It is very inspiring.
        Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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          I wish Coste well, but if he doesn't hit better than he has so far this year, he's not worth a lot. Neither man is a youngster, but the Phillies obviously feel Bako is superior defensively.
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            Paul Bako is a better defensive catcher, hands down. That is why they kept him.
            See ball, hit ball.


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