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    If anyone has the chance, take a look at the wgn feed of the Werth at bat. The one where he hit the homer to win the game. Right before the pitch that he hit out, the camera's caught Lou gesturing to Charlie Manuel, in my opinion, calling his hitter out because he wasn't swinging at the fast balls Lou's pitcher was serving up at 97 miles an hour. Charlie acknowledged his call out with an ok here it comes boy, and Werth delivers with a game winning home run.

    Grant it, they do have a day game tommorow and it was the 13th inning, but still the fact that sweet Lou was willing to just throw the game up to swinging at fastballs shows me why the Cubs won't end their World Series streak anytime with Lou at the helm.

    I look at that as just another guy that thinks he is smarter/better than Charlie Manuel and another guy Charlie Manuel has proven wrong by performance and not words. The Phillies go for the sweep tommorow and I'm sure the Cubs will give up when the going gets tough.

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    Another oddity that I noticed from Lou was in game 1 when the Cubs were down 10-1 in the 5th or 6th. He took one of his best players, Derrek Lee out of the game. Did he just give up at that point too? I mean it was a 9 run game, but I've never seen a team take out their best players when LOSING, no matter how big the deficit is.

    I was actually at the game so I don't know if Lee got hurt or something, but I thought it was crazy for him to take Lee out.


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      That isn't as rare as you would think.


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        oh, my bad..


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