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John O'Neil and Dennis Bennett, former Phillies players, pass away

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  • John O'Neil and Dennis Bennett, former Phillies players, pass away


    JAMESTOWN, N.Y. — Jamestown baseball pioneer John O'Neil died Tuesday night at the age of 91, due to natural causes.

    O'Neil, who had an infectious love for the game, was a member of the original Jamestown Falcons, the city's first professional baseball team.

    He loved baseball, making it his livelihood from 1939 to 1984. Baseball took O'Neil all over the country as he played in 23 cities. Breaking into major league baseball with the Phillies in 1946, he finished his career as a scout where he discovered the likes of Mike Scioscia and Bill Robinson.
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    Former Major League Baseball pitcher Dennis Bennett, 72, died overnight Friday at his home in Klamath Falls. Bennett had been in poor health and was hospitalized the last two months before returning home Thursday.

    He pitched for Philadelphia, Boston, the New York Mets and Los Angeles Angels in his career, and pitched 28 complete games and six shutouts. He is listed among the several opening-day pitchers for the Phillies. He threw and batted left-handed, and he and his brother Dave pitched in the same game once during the 1964 Philadelphia season.
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    JOHN O'Neill (April 19, 1920- - April 17, 2012)

    I have kept track of all the Phillies (over 1,000) in the Post World War Two Era (1946 to Present). O'Neill made his major leagues debut on the first day of the Post World War Two Era, Opening Day 1946 , just before his 26th birthday. He was the only survivor of those who played in that April 16, 1946 - Phillies at NY Giants game up until the time of his death this week.
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      OOPS!!!! - A Phillies PR Dept. blog on the Phillies official website congratulated John O'Neil on reaching his 92nd birthday Thursday. Problem was O'Neil had died two days earlier but his death wasn't widely reported until Saturday by his hometown (Jamestown, NY) newspaper and a few other sources , including Baseball Fever's "Cowtipper".


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