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Surviving Whiz Kids of 1950 - NL champion Phillies

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  • Surviving Whiz Kids of 1950 - NL champion Phillies

    About mid-way through 2012, there are just six surviving members of that National League championship Philadelphia Phillies team of 1950:

    1. Jackie Mayo * (OF) born 7/26/25 (86) Phillies & MLB 1948-1953
    2. Stan Lopata (C) born 9/12/25 (86) Phillies 1948-1958 MLB: 1948-1960
    3. Bob Miller (P) born 6/16/26 (86) Phillies & MLB: 1949-1958.
    4. Paul Stuffel * (P) born 3/22/27 (85) Phillies & MLB: 1950; 1952-1953.
    5. Ralph Caballero (INF) born 11/5/27 (84) Phillies & MLB: 1944-45; 1947-1952.
    6. Curt Simmons (P) born 5/19/29 (83) Phillies 1947-1960, MLB; 1947-1967 (except 1951 - Military service).

    * Player was with the Phillies for only part of the 1950 season and spent most of the season in the minor leagues.
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    You should make that 6 players:
    Bob Miller (P) born 6/16/1926 (86) Phillies 1949-1958


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      I was told or read that Bob Miller passed away in October 2010, however Wikipedia lists him as living and Wikipedia and have been wrong before, erroneously reporting players' deaths.. To make matters even murkier there were three major leaguers and one minor leaguer all named Bob Miller and all playing in the majors at the same time in the mid-1950s. I will check with Larry Shenk, the former Phillies Director Of Public Relations (1963-2007), who since retiring has taken the less demanding role of the Director Of Phillies Alumni. He keeps tabs on all former Phillies and if anyone can answer with certainty whether Miller is alive or dead - it's Mr. Shenk.
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        Originally posted by hartman74 View Post
        You should make that 6 players:
        Bob Miller (P) born 6/16/1926 (86) Phillies 1949-1958
        Apparently you're right. Mr.Miller just did an interrview with noted sportswriter Paul Hagen(a strong candidate for the 2013 Spink Award (Writers' Wing Of the Baseball Hall Of Fame - he finished second in the 2012 election). for Phillies Magazine (the Phillies program), according to Larry Shenk, Director Of Phillies Alumni and Vice President - Public Relations).
        I'll restore Miller to the living Whiz Kids and the Oldest living Phillies Lists.


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