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What will 2013's lineup look like?

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  • What will 2013's lineup look like?

    With Shane very likely to go, and doubtful that Polanco will get his option picked up, what do you think the Phils' 2013 lineup look like next season?

    Do you extend Victorino to secure CF for the next few years? Do you address LF and/or 3B? Do you spend big money or do you go near-ready prospect route? Do you move or keep Cole? Do you extend Chooch or simply pick up his option next year? Do you extend Pence? Do you bring up Dom Brown or is he better off sent in a trade package?

    Lots and lots of questions this year. Any ideas as to what you'd do?
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    Unless Victorino is injured, I'd only resign him for a short term and/or at a comparatively low salary. The real linchpin to next season's moves is Hamels. I'm seeing that the issue is over how many years the contract should run. If it's one year, give it to him. If it's a difference of two years, I'd hope for a compromise at one more year. If it's more than that, somebody's probably being unrealistic.

    If Hamels is moved, something in LF/3B/starting pitcher need to be addressed. The bullpen behind Papelbon is a mess. Mayberry is proving himself no better than a part of a platoon, but if Nix gets healthy, they might have that. Brown would provide an alternative at one OF spot, but whether he'll ever be a consistent starting OF in the majors is by no means certain.
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      I doubt Victorino is resigned. He's going to get at least 3 years and more likely 4. CF is a fairly important position, and the Phillies do value defense to go along with their pitching, but I'm done with these 30+ year olds getting multi-year deals.

      The verbal market for Cole is 6-7 years. Last I heard, the Phils were offering 4 with a max of 5 (possibly tied up in incentives). That's quite a separation, and it makes no sense for Cole to give in becuase he'll get the big number on the open market.

      This road trip will tell the Phils alot as to what to finally do - buy or sell. Personally, I'd rather get something to help this team in the future in way of hitters. They'll also likely need somebody who can play a decent 2B considering Utley's condition with a year left on his contract. 2B backup, 3B starter, LF and/or CF starter, #3-#4 type starting pitcher and bullpen help. IF the Phils can somehow pry Olt from the Rangers, put him directly into AAA at Lehigh and get him ready to open next year at 3B. That could be a huge help next season as it adds some RH power from a position that really can use it.

      One of the names I'm sure we'll hear this offseason will be Michael Bourn. He plays CF well, fills a need and can be put into the leadoff spot while the Phils can finally drop Rollins down in the order. Let's face it, Jimmy's now a #6 or #7 hitter in a decent lineup. After I just said I wouldn't want to spend for 30 year olds, he does provide this team with what they don't have in their current leadoff types - the ability to get on base more consistently. I'd rather see the Phils pay Bourn for 5 years than resign Vic for 3 years.

      Bourn CF
      Utley 2B
      Pence RF
      Howard 1B
      Olt 3B
      Rollins SS
      Ruiz C
      Brown LF

      I can live with something like that and if Brown can't cut it, then it's a Mayberry/Nix platoon.
      "Chuckie doesn't take on 2-0. Chuckie's hackin'." - Chuck Carr two days prior to being released by the Milwaukee Brewers


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