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Ruben Amaro Interview with Howard Eskin This Morning

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  • Ruben Amaro Interview with Howard Eskin This Morning

    Rube was on 94 WIP with Howard Eskin.

    Here is the podcast Click here to listen.

    Still undecided on which way to go. Asked if the trade deadline was to happen tonight, has there been any offer good enough to make a move? No.

    Apparently not a good enough offer at this time to consider moving Victorino. Might simply keep him for the rest of the year to acquire draft compensation.

    Funny response by Amaro around the 8:30 mark "we'll try to figure it out" when answering questions regarding next year's payroll.

    He'd like to get some more power on the team. Picking up Polanco's option for next year is a possibility (ugh). With the boosted payroll, cheap young players will need to be on the field to offset costs. He's likely banking on Dom Brown to be one.

    Galvis at 3B? That's actually a downgrade offensively from Polanco.

    Believes that all three (Hamels, Halladay & Lee) will likely be in the rotation next year. That could change during the offseason of course.

    In all, it doesn't sound like the Phils will be making any significant moves prior to Tuesday's 4:00 pm deadline. But you never know with Amaro. But I wouldn't be surprised to see everybody in tact and everything re-evaluated depending on how the Phils finish the final two months.
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