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This is what's wrong with WIP and such...

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  • This is what's wrong with WIP and such...

    Let me preface this by saying I've never called into a sports talk radio show.

    That said, listening to Paul Jalovitz's show today the name Chase Headley was mentioned multiple times. "Jolly" squashed any and all talk about Headley by using a fact that he's a FA heading into next year. And he said it over and over.

    After hearing Amaro mention Polanco as a possible option next year, I had to make a call.

    First off, I had to correct Jolly in that Headley's NOT a FA after this year. He was a super-2 and has 2 years left in arbitration. Considering he's making $3.5M this year, he's in line for $5-$6M next year and $9-$10M in 2014 - very cost-efficient for his production and the dearth of 3B on the open market.

    Add in this. Everybody knows Petco squashes hitters and makes pitchers look like Cy Young.

    Headley's career splits:

    Home: .235 AVG / .664 OPS
    Road: .298 AVG / .814 OPS

    Anybody who can't see this is flat-out blind. But once I brought it up, he cut me off

    To put his "outside of Petco" numbers into perspective... His OPS is right in line with Hunter Pence's - and if you follow baseball, finding a corner OF is sooooo much easier than finding a 3B.
    "Chuckie doesn't take on 2-0. Chuckie's hackin'." - Chuck Carr two days prior to being released by the Milwaukee Brewers

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