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The Three Best Young Players Could Have Been in the NL East

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  • The Three Best Young Players Could Have Been in the NL East

    I was mentioning this on the Mets board, and thought I'd bring it here.

    Arguably, the three best young players in the game (my opinion of course) are Stanton (Mia), Harper (Was) & Trout (LAA). There's a possibility that all three could have been in our division.

    Mike Trout was drafted by the Angels in 2009 as compensation for Teixeira go the Free Agency route and eventually signing with the Yankees. Had the Braves kept him, they'd likely have finished about 3 wins better then they ended up with in 2008 (going by win % prior to him being traded), so they'd have the 10th pick or so instead of #7, but also the 25th. At ten, maybe they still get Mike Minor or maybe they don't, but that Teixeira pick opening at #25 could very well have been Trout to the Braves as he was quickly moving up on draft boards with a nice spring.

    Trout, along with Heyward and their other young players with solid upside could be a problem for the Phils for many years to come - as well as the Nat's are with their young & productive core.
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