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Herrera and Franco: What is wrong with them?

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  • Herrera and Franco: What is wrong with them?

    Herrera and Franco were supposed to be two key building blocks in the Phillies rebuilding efforts. However, Herrera is hitting just .226 and has been regressing since being rewarded that big contract in the off season. Herrera had a nightmare day at the plate today striking out 5 times in 5 AB's. Franco himself has been slowly regressing after a promising start in 2015 and, while still leading the Phils in HR's and RBI's, he has been benched twice this week. It's disturbing nearly two months into the season to have both supposed building blocks hitting in the .220's.

    What is going on? Have they become complacent? Have they had their hitting mechanics badly altered by new hitting coach Matt Stairs? Or could it be an extended slump that coincidentally happened to both players at once?

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    Mike Schmidt said in Spring training that he was disappointed with Franco's 25 home run performance of 2016. Schmidt said that Franco had the talent to someday be a Most valuable Player Award winner. - Too much pressure on a 24-year-old?
    Herrera is just three years removed from Double A baseball and two years away from being a Rule 5 Rookie. Great rookie season and a similarly strong year last season, where he received all-star recognition. You've got to hope that he's hit his personal bottom and will start fighting back towards his normal levels from this point on.


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      Now, there is talk of among the Phillies brass of demoting Franco to Triple A. "I don't think anything is out of the question," manager Pete Mackanin said. "We've talked about it. That's about all I'll say. It's been discussed."


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        Both Franco and Herrera had two hits today. Here's hoping they are breaking out of their funks.


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