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Phillies position in the amateur Draft

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  • Phillies position in the amateur Draft

    The amateur draft is almost upon us. It will be held June 12 through June 14.
    The first three Phillies picks will be: round 1 - Overall Pick #8; round 2 - Overall Pick #45; and round 3 - Overall Pick #83.
    I have never quite gotten used to the jaw-dropping slot values (recommended signing bonuses) these lucky players will command who are selected in the early rounds of the draft. details the draft order for the first three rounds and includes an interesting tidbit - Who are the best players taken all-time in each overall position in the history of the draft. The draft originated in 1965 so it is now past the half-century mark. This year's draft will be the 53rd in baseball history.
    It was instituted largely to give the poorer, less successful teams a break and quite honestly, to break up the New York Yankees dynasty. If the best amateur talent was permitted to sign with any team they chose then they often chose to be with the perennially winning Yankees, giving the Yankees the opportunity to extend their dynasty. . The draft offered a fairer way to distribute the talent. Of course the Free Agent Draft instituted full-bore in the 1976-1977 offseason pretty much nullifies the fair-minded practice of the amateur draft and gives winning, wealthy teams like the Yankees once more the chance to acquire the best talent, only this time they are acquiring talent at the peak stage of their careers.
    Enough of this thinly-veiled anti-Yankees diatribe - here's some details on the Phillies picks in the first three rounds.
    Round One, Overall pick #8: This pick commands a slot value of $4,780,400. (To the 2017 draft choice: Make sure you don't get cheated and collect that last $400).
    The best player in history selected as the #8 overall pick is undisputedly Todd Helton (2,500+ hits, 350+ home runs, .315 lifetime batting average, 1400+ RBI.). He easily outdistances #8 overall runner-ups - Jay Bell and Dick Ruthven.
    Round Two, Overall Pick #45: This slot hasn't shown much success in the past. Most famous players selected #45 Overall in the 52 previous drafts: Jed Lowrie and Tom Gorzellany. The recommended slot value is still over One and a half million dollars - ($1,523,000).
    Round 3, Overall Pick #83: This pick commands a signing bonus of $676,000. The most famous and successful # 83 overall pick is Barry Zito, who was a Cy Young winner one year, had one or two 20-win seasons and won 160 games overall. One of the strong late 1970s Yankees teams better bench players, Cliff Johnson would be the next most successful #83 overall pick.
    Three rounds plus competitive signing picks will take the draft through pick #105. The Phillies should pick #8 in each succeeding round so they'll pick 4/113, 5/143, 6/173, 7/203, 8/233 and every 30th pick after that until all 40 rounds are exhausted.

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    I randomly looked at five mock drafts and four of them have the Phillies taking a pitcher at number 8. The outlier has the Phillies taking Vanderbilt OF Jeren Kendall.


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      The Phillies finish at 66-96 and they'll get the 3rd pick of the 2018 Amateur Baseball Draft. Detroit and San Francisco finished with identical 64-98 records. I'm not sure which of those two wins the tiebreaker and gets the first pick.


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        In another example of MLB stupidity, Detroit gets the first pick by virtue of having a lower winning percentage in 2016 than the Giants. Yes, 2016.


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