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  • Brad Eldred?

    What is the status of Brad Eldred? Does he fit into the pirates future? Is his potential now downgraded or does he need a year or two on the varsity so to speak before the pirates can tell if he can help the team or not?

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    Eldred is another Jeromy Burnitz type. Home Runs, with a low average. Plus he is 27. Not old, yet too old to be a "Prospect"
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      yes another jeromy burnitz type without the paycheck...i would expect to see him in the starting lineup a bunch next season simply because it would make no sense what so ever...
      "Just a reminder fans about "Die Hard Night" coming up at the stadium: free admission to anyone who was actually alive the last time the Pirates won a pennant"


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        If Eldred retains his health and learns to be more selective at the plate he IS going to be our future 1Bman. This is not a debate at all IF the above two requirements are met. Anyone who drives in 50 runs in ONE MONTH is an iconic presence that can have a tremendous impact on a team. true, he has to do this also at the ML level but remember that he did hit 12 HRs in just a handful of ABs last season with the Pirates. Even with all those K's it would have probably translated into 40+ HRs over a full season. If he is healthy and learns patience at the plate, I'm sure he will become a huge positive impact in our batting order.


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          holy sh!t this guy is frickin HUGE! i saw him nail one over the heads of many at citizens bank park and i saw him in triple A down in charlotte and the umps lost the ball in the sky and ruled it an HR. He reminds me in stature and how he plays of ADAM DUNN.


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