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  • Welcome Xavier Nady

    Nady Traded to Pittsburgh for Perez, and Hernandez. Welcome to 'Da Burgh!!!
    Pirates Fan Forever!!!!!

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    Why not?

    Perez wasn't even on the roster anymore and the Pirates are deep on lefty relievers so we really don't lose much and gain a player, in Nady, that Littlefield's been coveting for a while.
    Montreal Expos 1969 - 2004


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      I'll miss X and wish him well in his new home. He's a good guy and was really showing some potential. A little scary in the OF sometimes.

      Good luck X, see ya when you're in town.


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        Hate to rain on anyone's parade but Nady is no more than a fourth outfielder. He'll hit .260 and the occasional home run. maybe 18 in a season. His prospect days are long over. he's said to be a streaky hitter who can't hit a major league curve or hard slider. he's below average on defense with stiff hands and poor instincts. Lacks a position. Failed as an infielder. Medicore arm to boot. My general impression of the deals: We got absouletly nothing and two of our giveaways, Craig and Perez will come back to haunt DL. Rogers will never pitch in the major leagues and neither will the other stiffs. How could anyone think Chacon an upgrade over Wells? He is described by Baseball Prospectus as an "extreme fly ball" pitcher (as in three-run homers) with a dangerously low ratio of strikeouts. After a freak season in 2005, the publication predicted his era would skyrocket and it did. Like most of our pitchers, Chacon has a BP fastball 88 miles an hour and ready for launch.


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          True. Nady is highly replaceable. You guys had a better hitter in Craig Wilson. Although... I gather Wilson has holes in his glove.


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