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C. Wilson to NYY for Shawn Chacon

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  • C. Wilson to NYY for Shawn Chacon

    Well the Craig Wilson experiment is over. Overall, I think it's a decent trade. I think Chacon should be able to pitch well enough in the NL rather than being stuck in the AL East, and with this team so desperate for pitching it looks like a good move.

    Here's a link to a round up of the Pirates dealings, from their website.
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    I had not heard an iota of this until randomly checking Pittsburgh's starter today.
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      He was a good pitcher. Then Colorado decided he needed to close. Big mistake. I think he'll make it back to where he was a few years ago as a good starter but it may take some time. He started off well with NY this year then struggled.
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        I think it's going to be a decent trade. He had a decent year with Colorado and started hot with the Yankees when he arrived but has since cooled off. I was there for his first start as a Pirate and he was impressive. He had a strong outing of 5 innings with three hits and one run. He was a little inconsistent with his control at times issuing four walks, but that can be expected when he has only thrown 10 2/3 of just relief work since June 25th. Wilson’s contract was up at the end of this year, and he was most likely not going to sign back with the bucs, so at least they got something out of him. Chacon should be the one to look to for a solid outing with the very young starting staff the pirates have..
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