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  • Sean Casey

    Was wondering how Pirates faithful, view the Casey deal to Detroit,
    and the rest of the recent deals the club made--before the end
    of the trading deadline...I invite all Pirates fans to come and root for
    the we sure have a Pittsburgh flavour...with Leyland, Casey,
    etc......been a long and hard climb outta loserville for the once hapless
    Tigers..after 12 seasons, of taking it on the chin....Hopefully, the same
    will eventually happen to Tracey & the Pirates...sure hate to see the
    club tie the Phillies record of years without a winning season...which I
    think was 16 seasons.....sheeeeesh

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    Best Damn Manager in Baseball

    It's kind of funny to see the last 3 Pirate managers there in Detroit. I'm a big Jim Leyland fan and would love to see his Tigers go all the way in the post-season. He's the best manager in the game today.

    Of course, Leyland's presence in Detroit is just more evidence of the blazing incompetence of the Pirate's front office. Leyland wanted the Pittsburgh job, and Bucco management couldn't even get around to interviewing a probable hall-of-famer. Instead they zeroed in from the beginning on the spectacularly mediocre Jim Tracy.
    "We had 'em all the way!"


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