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PAUL PETTIT - 1951 Bonus baby

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  • PAUL PETTIT - 1951 Bonus baby

    Today, November 29th, Paul Pettit turns 74.

    In 1951 he was a 19 year old pitcher and a "Bonus Baby", as they were called then, for the Pittsburgh Pirates. I remember reading how everyone thought that the Bucs had landed a "big" one.

    He pitched some in 1951, did not pitch at all in 1952 (for the Bucs), and had an 11-8 record in 1953, and then never pitched in the ML again.

    Does anyone know anything about him, and what happened to him?


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    Paul Pettit 1951 Bonus Baby

    One of the first bonus babes, Paul signed for $100,000. That meant he had to play organized baseball for ten years in order to get the money. He finished his career in the Mexican League as a first baseman after ten years. I've been told his dad invested the money in real estate in California and is living on the coast.


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      I believe the 10-8 record cited may have been in the minor leagues. He had no record in 1951, and then 1-2 in the majors in 1953. Something like 28 innings pitched in the majors, and 25 earned runs.

      I recall him being assigned to the New Orleans Pelicans of the Southern Association after he was signed, but he had little control of his pitches.


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        Paul Pettit

        Paul Pettit pitched for Narbonne High School in Lomita,CA. He signed a $85,000 "movie contract" with a Hollywood agent (prior to graduating from high school?), who then sold the contract to Pittsburgh for $100,000. This made him the first $100,000 Bonus Baby. As a Bonus Baby, Pittsburgh was required to retain him on their 25 man roster for two years. Years later I saw him play right field for the Hollywood Stars of the old PCL.

        I believe he was the baseball coach for Long Beach Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA for a while after leaving professional baseball.


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          After Pettit blew out his arm, he was a reasonably successful outfielder in the Pacific Coast League, 1952-1960. He hit 20 homeruns and had over 100 RBI's in 1957. That same year, he had a game where he drove in ten runs, no idea against who. Was a pitcher from 1952-1955. No idea how long he played in the Mexican League, but it couldn't have been for very long.
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            My Mexican baseball encyclopedia shows Pettit playing just one season in Mexico -- 1955, which doesn't fit with the 10-year notion. He hit really well: .382 with 9 HR and 80 RBI in 78 games. He also pitched a little, going 1-2, 4.80 in 5 games.


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              The contract with the hollywood agent guaranteed Pettit
              100,000 dollars over a ten year period from any source.
              The Pirates gave him a $20,000 bonus to sign.
              If he didn`t make 100k the agent would have to make
              up the difference. Pettit played for Salt Lake City in
              1959. Check 15,000 hits
              on Pettit.


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