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Help Indentifying 1903 Pirates Team Photo

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  • Help Indentifying 1903 Pirates Team Photo

    Hey - any old time Pirate fans out there? Over on the History of the Game thread, we're trying to identify the players in the great 1903 Pirates team photo. We've got a few of them, like Honus Wagner, Ginger Beaumont, and Tommy Leach, and are guessing on a few others.

    This was a great team that played in the first World Series against Boston, and lost 5 games to 4. Maybe you know someone who is a Pirates history buff and could help us. Here's a link to the thread:

    Scroll down to picture #42 to see the team photo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I just attached 90% of the players in that thread


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      Hey...thanks a lot! Those pictures are great. Using them and the picture I linked to from the cover of Autumn Glory, I was able to make a "call" on Sam Leever, Brickyard Kennedy, and Bucky Veil.

      If these are accurate, then we've got them plus Wagner, Beaumont, Clarke, Leach, Sebring, Phillippi, Bransfield and Ritchey. I think that's most of the starting lineup.

      Do you agree so far? Can you make any more identifications? I wonder if that's Phelps on the far right middle row. Face looks similar to your post, and that guy looks like a catcher.
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        I am terrible with faces, unless they have something prominent, like Sebring's eyes or Leever's nose

        Other then that I am lost


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