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Who are the players in this photo???

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  • Who are the players in this photo???

    This was taken on opening day 1959 at old Crosley Field in Cincinnati.
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    These guys are before my time, but a Google image search helped me identify some of them.

    The first guy I'm unsure about. I think it's Fred Green, but I'm not positive. The next three I'm nearly positive are Dick Schofield, Gene Baker and Bob Skinner. The next guy I'm also unsure about. It might be Ron Kline. The next guy's face is obscured, so I won't bother. Harvey Haddix comes next, followed by...Roman Mejias? I think that next guy is Dick Stuart, and my best guess for the next one is Don Hoak. Roberto Clemente, of course, is the next guy, and I believe the next two are George Witt and Bob Porterfield. Not sure about the next guy, though the one after him is probably Bennie Daniels. It gets too hard to tell after that.

    How many did I get right?
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      I don't think the tall guy is Skinner. Also, isn't the player just past Clemente, Vern Law?


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