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Could This Be The Year?

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  • Could This Be The Year?

    The Buccos have never had a right handed pitcher dish out 200 K in any single season. Thus far James McDonald is well on his way there if he continues to pitch well and most importantly stays healthy. The highest total a Modern Era righty compiled as a Bucco was 184 by Kris Benson in 2000. The highest total compiled pre Modern Era was in 1891 by Mark Baldwin.

    What do you think Bucco and non-Bucco fans....Do you like McDonald's chances?

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    Wow, I'm shocked the Pirates have never had a 200 K season ever before. I would have thought Jason Schmidt would have had one. Schmidt had two 200 K seasons a 196 K season with the Giants.
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      It is shocking considering how long the Buccos have been around. Jose DeLeon did it twice with the Cards later on. Bert Blyleven did it eight times, but the closest he got with the Bucs was 182 in 243.2 innings, his first of three years here. We got Jim Bunning on the down swing. There were a few others who did it once with other teams like Jack Chesbro and Vic Willis.

      I actually thought Ian Snell was gonna be the one to finally break the 200 barrier as a righty. Unfortunately he was a head case who didn't have his head screwed on tight enough.

      McDonald only picked up 2 K tonight. With 73 down, he needs 127 the rest of the way. Let's go James !!!


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        I think he may. It's amazing no righty has ever amassed 200 K's in a season, but considering the Bucs only have one 200 game winner, and no pitcher of either hand who has accumulated 2000 career strikeouts, the Bucs haven't been known for pitching...I'm glad to see this season is bucking that trend so far. I hope J-Mac does it!
        LETS GO BUCS!!


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          100 up, 100 to go.... He was due for a big strike out night. Great to see him get to 100 before the break. This was his 11th game in 17 where he has given up a two or fewer runs. JMac keeps pitching like he has the first half, he might find himself in the running for some major hardware like Cutch.


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